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ElevationXR specializes in the production of next-generation mixed reality environments that fuse real-world human experiences with elements of virtual worlds, creating transformational, educational, and inspirational “Elevated” experiences.


Elevation Media expands to ElevationXR:

ElevationXR is directed by Founder & President Sean Ahearn and is supported by an extremely diverse and talented staff with decades of international production experience. Sean has over 25 years of executive management and production experience in both the corporate and non-profit / social enterprise fields. Elevation was originally launched as Elevation Media in San Francisco, CA in 2002, we have recently relocated to Los Angeles, CA, and expanded the company to become ElevationXR, a global enterprise pioneering new forms of location-based entertainment experiences (LBE) and transformational programming and content experiences.


Elevation has been developing, producing, and implementing leading-edge transformational media projects and high profile live events for over two decade. The Elevation team has produced 100’s of projects throughout North America and internationally. The current focus of ElevationXR is in facilitating the development, production, and management of  LBE venues and the development of next-generation immersive and experiential content and programs. ElevationXR is also very active in  fundraising and sponsorship development and has secured strategic funding & sponsorship initiatives from a variety of corporate and foundation sources.

Sean has also been a longtime key partner with  360 Dome Pro and, world leaders in the dome-based LBE and immersive experience market, and collaborated with these companies to serve as a co-founding partner in the development of  Wisdome.LA. Located in downtown Los Angeles Wisdome is the world’s first 360 dome-based immersive entertainment park. As a key producer for the Wisdome team, Sean has produced and directed the launch of several innovative and highly  successful dome programs inspired by the music and art of legendary artists including  Dark Side Of The Dome - Pink Floyd, Dead In The Dome - The Grateful Dead,  The Purple Haze Experiential - Jimi Hendrix  & Magical Mystery Dome - The Beatles.

Elevation and its partners have produced and managed a diverse variety of large-scale activations for the world’s top production companies and brands including;

AEG- GoldenVoice, Live Nation, Coachella Festival, Voodoo Fest, UN Rio+20 Summit (Brazil), The Harmony Festival, Earth Day San Francisco, Earthdance Global, and top corporate clients including; Facebook, Google, Chevrolet, HP, Intel, Toyota, Microsoft, Nintendo, Panasonic, Whole Foods Markets, Mercedes Benz,  Organic Valley, Verizon Wireless, United Airlines, Sierra Nevada Brewery, Verizon Wireless, and Sony.


Sean has also served as Executive Producer and production manager for projects featuring such luminaries as;


HH The Dalai Lama, Mick Taylor (The Rolling Stones), (Andy Summers) The Police, Jack Bruce & Ginger Baker (Cream), Bill Ward & Ozzy Osbourne (Black Sabbath), Eric Burdon (The Animals), Band From Utopia (Frank Zappa), Roger Hodgson (Supertramp), Alan Holdsworth,  Krishna Das, Deva Premal, Sheila Chadra, and Gong.  

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ElevationXR specializes in the production of next-generation, mixed-reality environments that fuse real-world human experiences with elements of virtual worlds. We create elevated experiences that are transformational, educational, and inspirational.

Images Courtesy & Copyright of Wisdome.LA & 360 Dome Pro

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XR (X-Reality or Cross Reality) is defined as:

Forms of mixed reality environments that come from the fusion (union)

of real-world experiences and shared virtual worlds.  


  • Elevation XR is a Los Angeles based, internationally activated full-service production agency directed by a talented team of industry veterans from the music, film, gaming and financing fields of the global entertainment industry.

  • We provide a resource and fulfillment hub for the development, production and financing of Location Based Entertainment enterprises world-wide.

  • We specialize in 360 dome theaters, cinemas and immersive themed audience experiences. From content, programming development and booking to venue construction, design and operations management.

  • We work with a top level of producers and brands around the world. Current clients include - BBC Planet Earth, Disney Music Concerts, Base Hologram, FullDome.Pro, Wisdome LA, Togetherland.

Our Core Skills Include:  

  • Content & Programming Curation &  Development, Management Distribution  

  • Venue & Event Production, Operations & Management

  • Project visioneering, Financing, Development & Production

Images Courtesy & Copyright of Wisdome.LA & 360 Dome Pro



Images Courtesy & Copyright of Wisdome.LA & 360 Dome Pro


Images Courtesy & Copyright of Wisdome.LA & 360 Dome Pro



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Sean Ahearn

President  & Co-founder


Millind Shethia

Director (India Region)


Jud Schwartz

Production manager


Andy Fusso

Exclusive Sales and Market Development
(NZ, Australia, Oceania)

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Devon Padgett



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Sean Ahearn

Tel: 415.595.2444


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