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ElevationXR specializes in the production of next-generation, mixed-reality environments that fuse real-world human experiences with elements of virtual worlds. We create elevated experiences that are transformational, educational, and inspirational.



ElevationXR specializes in the production of next-generation mixed reality environments that fuse real-world human experiences with elements of virtual worlds, creating transformational, educational, and inspirational “Elevated” experiences.


Elevation Media expands to ElevationXR:

ElevationXR (EXR) is directed by Founder & President Sean Ahearn and is supported by an extremely diverse and talented staff with decades of international production experience. Sean has over 25 years of executive management and production experience in both the corporate and non-profit / social enterprise fields. Originally launched as Elevation Media in San Francisco, CA in 2002, EXR has  expanded the company to become ElevationXR, a global enterprise pioneering new forms of location-based entertainment experiences (LBE) and transformational programming and content experiences.


Elevation has been producing leading-edge transformational projects for over two decade. The EXR team has produced 100’s of projects throughout North America and internationally. The current focus of ElevationXR is in facilitating the development, production, and management of  LBE venues and the development of next-generation immersive and experiential content and programs.

Sean is co-founding partner in the development of  Wisdome.LA. the world’s first 360 dome-based immersive entertainment park. As Program Director and lead producer Sean has produced dozens of innovative and highly successful dome programs inspired by the music and art of legendary artists including  Dark Side Of The Dome - Pink Floyd, Dead In The Dome - The Grateful Dead,  The Purple Haze Experiential - Jimi Hendrix  & Magical Mystery Dome - The Beatles and Daft Punk - Contact

EXR ha produced and managed a diverse variety of large-scale activations for the world’s top production companies and brands including; AEG- GoldenVoice, Live Nation, Coachella Festival, Voodoo Fest, UN Rio+20 Summit (Brazil), The Harmony Festival, Earth Day San Francisco, Earthdance Global, and top corporate clients including; Facebook, Google, Chevrolet, HP, Intel, Toyota, Microsoft, Nintendo, Panasonic, Whole Foods Markets, Mercedes Benz,  Organic Valley, Verizon Wireless, United Airlines, Sierra Nevada Brewery, Verizon Wireless, and Sony.


Sean has also served as Executive Producer and production manager for projects featuring such luminaries as; Jack Bruce & Ginger Baker (Cream), Bill Ward & Ozzy Osbourne (Black Sabbath), Eric Burdon (The Animals), Band From Utopia (Frank Zappa), Roger Hodgson (Supertramp), Andy Summers (The Police), Alan Holdsworth,  Walter Trout, Steve Morse, Eric Johnson, Krishna Das, Deva Premal, Sheila Chadra, Brand X, Gong & HH The Dalai Lama.



XR (Extended Reality) is defined as:

Forms of mixed reality environments that come from the fusion (union)

of real-world experiences and shared virtual worlds.  


  • Elevation XR is an Californai based, internationally activated full-service production agency directed by a talented team of industry veterans from the music, film, gaming, and financing fields of the global entertainment industry.

  • We provide a resource and fulfillment hub for the development, production, and financing of Location Based Entertainment enterprises worldwide.

  • We specialize in 360 dome theaters, cinemas, and immersive-themed audience experiences. From content, programming development, and booking to venue construction, design, and operations management.

  • We work with a top-level of producers and brands around the world. Current clients include - Disney Music Concerts, James Hood Mesmereica & Beautifica, & Wisdome LA, 

       Our Core Skills Include:  

  • Content & Programming Curation &  Development, Management Distribution  

  • Venue & Event Production, Operations & Management

  • Project Visualization, Funding & Production



Elevation XR Productions

Demi Lovato Hosts & Performs live

Youtube Pride Global Broadcast

@ Wisdome.LA

Area 15 Las Vegas, NV

Gallerie 360 Venue Launch

Think:X  Performs - Pink Floyd Beyond The Wall

@ Wisdome.LA

Karsh Kale Live @ Wisdome.LA 

Purple Haze- The Jimi Hendrix Experiential

@ Wisdome.LA

Ecstatic Dance LA 

@ Wisdome.LA  


Demi Lovato performs their greatest hits this Pride season | YouTube Pride 2021

Demi Lovato performs their greatest hits this Pride season | YouTube Pride 2021

On June 25, celebrate Pride 2021 with Demi Lovato as they take you on a stunning visual journey exploring love, community, joy and pure LGBTQ+ celebration. For 60 minutes, experience live performances, special guests, fan Q&A and video calls, an appearance by Trans Chorus of Los Angeles and a spectacular finale performance from Demi themself. All in support of The Trevor Project and AKT. Watch now, only on YouTube. Keep the Pride celebration going by watching our other YouTube Pride 2021 streams: YouTube Pride 2021 with Olly Alexander: YouTube Pride 2021 with Daniel Howell: YouTube Pride 2021 with Elton John & David Furnish: YouTube Pride 2021 with Trixie Mattel starting: We're not celebrating just to celebrate, we're partying with a purpose to help the next generation of LGBTQ+ youth by raising funds for The Trevor Project, the Elton John AIDS Foundation and akt. Join us, if you can, by donating to one of these amazing organizations. If you’d like to donate to The Trevor Project you can use the donation button to the right. During the month of June, YouTube is matching every dollar donated to The Trevor Project via the #GiveWithPride Challenge, up to a max of $250K. If you’d like to donate to akt, please use the link here: If you'd like to donate to the Elton John AIDS Foundation, please use the link here: #GiveWithPride #YouTubePride2021 #Pride2021
Contact - Daft Punk @ Wisdome LA
Ecstatic Dance LA with Porangui & Raio x Wisdome LA

Ecstatic Dance LA with Porangui & Raio x Wisdome LA

A transformative and other worldly experience as Ecstatic Dance LA paired up with Wisdome.LA and world renowned musicians Porangui and RAIO. This was a fully immersive musical and freeform movement adventure in a mind-blowing 90ft dome with 360 degree surround sound and visual projections. ➤ PORANGUI As a live looping artist and one-man orchestra Poranguí weaves ancestral songs and indigenous rhythms from around the globe. Creating his performances from scratch using looping technology, Poranguí’s live grooves range from meditative to dance party, moving the body, lifting the spirit, and transcending the divide between performer and audience. His World Soul concerts have taken him around the globe and led him to collaborate with many artists, including current works with Shaman’s Dream and Liquid Bloom. ➤ RAIO Raio (Rob Weber) is a producer, musician and DJ who’s been uplifting the tribe in Bali for a dozen years. An eco-community steward and co-founder of the BaliSpirit Festival, Raio has played a key role in the evolution of the conscious scene on the island. ➤ ECSTATICDANCELA Ecstatic Dance LA weaves together world class DJs, immersive sound journeys and free-form movement. It's a substance-free, all ages community celebration where you can simply BE yourself, and experience rejuvenation & inspiration through connection, dance & music! ➤ SAMSKARA SAMSKARA is an immersive multi-media art exhibition featuring works of transformational artist Android Jones. Samskara includes: - Full dome mapping projection show - Android Jones art gallery - Microdose interactive VR experience - Multiple selfie-zones ➤ WISDOME.LA Wisdome.LA is the world's first Fully Immersive Entertainment Art Park! Wisdome.LA is made up of Five domes featuring VR & 360 immersive audio & visual experiences located in Arts District, Los Angeles. Using advanced dome projection technology, immersive storytelling and featuring the most innovative content and media, this location based entertainment venue provides a one of a kind experience to the most progressive audience of LA

"Investors Pour Millions Into Immersive, Interactive Art Experiences"

"Wisdome's Immersive Art In Los Angeles May Be Just What You're Looking For"

"Inside the wondrous new wisdome art park in DTLA"


"Mark, My Words: I found the future of music venues (in the only LA joint I’m not banned from)"

Listed in "The World's Top 11 Immersive Art Experiences"


An animated wonderland fly across a soaring 40-ft dome to music, raining lights and color on an audience sprawled out on couches.

“Vibrant and Visceral: HP Activations Aim to Amaze at Panorama”


"These creative technologists are the F-ing coolest artists out there"


"Live-Action Art & Music Are Fused Together in Festival Dome Installation"



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