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Matt Coleman  (Advisor)

  • Founder of Magnify World and Sports Tech company AR/VR Sports and Entertainment background includes working with Time Warner, CBS, NBA, Indy Car Racing and many major global sports like FIFA.

  • Futurist for NEOM project and contracted through FUEL consulting in the UK. Project is under non disclosure for more information.

Professional Experience

  • Ex CEO | Sports TV platform Txtstation, Magnify World

  • Founder |  ARIVAL Sports and Warner & Sony Entertainment 


  • Sports, Innovation, Media

Academic Background

  • BA Sydney Business Institute

Matt has had over 20 years’ experience in the entertainment and emerging technology sectors and launched one of the world’s first augmented and virtual reality companies Magnify World in 2015. The business summit has attracted over 6,000 delegates and launched in multiple countries with local governments.


Matt has worked with Warner and Sony for over 15 years and been a leader in sports and entertainment innovation winning a global award at the Commonwealth Games in 2018 for company Arival. We are also members of the Advanced Image Society in Hollywood which was originally founded by Disney, Dreamworks, Sony, Paramount, IMAX and Dolby.

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